The School of Dignity and Spirituality
School Logo

The School Logo



Sir Robert Dignitual



Official Colours

Black and Red


Mr Lenny Leonard

The School of Dignity and Spirituality is the school that JC, Lewth and Bobby attend and their parents went to when they were actually children. JC and his brothers only went there since their parents recommended the school since they went and thougth that they would be allowed to enter under no fees but they were wrong when it came to the American Credit Crunch. Its education is in the top ten list of schools in California (fictional) which means that the education must be quite high.

Its official colours are red and black so their soccer, american football, basketball, and baseball jerseys are red and black stripes and their shorts are white. They are one of the most competitive school sports collective teams in the country (fictional again) and they also have numerous awards for varieties of subjects in education.

Education LevelsEdit

The school has four different education levels according to age group unless there is an extremely inteligient kid who progresses early or an extremely stupid kid who would stay in the same grade for an additional year since the school is a very good school but is kinda strict on good education.

The eduaction levels are:

Pre School Edit

Elementary School Edit

Middle School Edit

High School Edit

Colours Edit

Its official colours are red and black.

Notable Alumni Edit

There notable alumni were:

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