Junior-Connor Theodore Simpsonite, most commonly reffered to as JC by his friends and colleagues, is a boy and is the protagonist of the book and is also the unofficial owner of the book. He is scrawny and can't really say that he is very brave since he barely does anything. He is mainly an enthusiastic kid when he feels like being one. He is kinda a ladies man when the ladies go weird but usually they just ignore him and just walk away or make a rude remark back to him.

He isn't exactly a macho, but he does still keep fit regularly. He is the founder of the 'TSODAS Cheese Touch' but doesn't have it at the end of the first book, he is not the one who ends up having it but the next book reveals all that is needed to know about the 'TSODAS Cheese Touch' in different ways. 

He is the first dude/dudette, basically boy or girl, in all four education levels in his to have his or her birthday since before or on the second of January, nobody has a birthday until 22nd January for an unknown reason.

His astrological sign is a Capricorn.

Early Life

Basic Birth

He was born in Encino - a little part of Los Angeles which is in California - to parents Gareth and Florence Simpsonite. Both of his parents are devoted Christians and think that when JC does somehting wrong he should just pray to God for forgiveness.


Both of his parents are devoted Christians and think that when JC does somehting wrong he should just pray to God for forgiveness. He is very worthy of his religion according to his local priest.

1998 - Present: Early Years




This is not about him having various jobs, because he is still just a child - well at least according to his height, 5 foot 2 inches; his age, 11/12; his local bullies, everybody in his grage, practically - but going back to the point, he is just a child. He is not an employer to anybody so until he gets a job which could be eight years from now, 30th December 2009, but less time in book years.

It is basically about his education once again, so if you did not read the education section before, I suggest that you read it now. I actually do not  know if you are reading it or not but I am basically just avdising you to read it.


His education started off at TSODAS Pre School and that is the start of his education shortened. Luckily for those eager readers out there, I have decided to describe it exclusively to the viewers of this very good website, in its full description.

Actual Start of Education

He started off by attending TSODAS Pre School when he had turned three in the semester commencing January 2001 to April 2001. He was very well known in his Pre School but when it came to cleaning up their mess after they finished their recess time, he would just conduct a clean up song then stating that he is naturally born lazy because all of the other kids get really cheesed off when he does that.

He was not exactly the best Pre School student in the world but he still had quite a few friends and some people who actually despise him, like JJ James, one of his worst enemies.

Second Level of Education

His second level of eduaction was at the same institution of education, yes, I am writing about the TSODAS elementary school. He carried on at The School of Dignity and Spirituality as he would be charged quite alot for moving to another school by that particular school.

He was the third cleverest kid in his grade after Patricia Lerraf, some kid who everybody hates and looks down to and Patrick Lerraf, Patricia Lerraf's twin brother who is exactly like Patricia. As I was writing, and you were probably reading, he was one of the cleverest kids in his grade. He was kinda prone to studying due to his mother wanting him to get in to the closest private school with a full scholarship so that his parents wouldn't have to pay anything, but they ended up just leaving him at The School of Dignity and Spirituality as they had an offer. The offer was:

  • All parents who participate and volunteer to work for the school community during the times for parties, for example a summer funfair at the school, they would get paid fifty dollars for every volunteerance.

'That was what led his mother to stay at the school and is why JC is still at the school. Anyway, as it would just take an idiot or somebody above that level to figure out that his mother volunteers at every summer funfair since the weather is best at that time and she gets paid by the school community.'

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