Gary Simsponite

Full Name

  • Gareth Barry Simpsonite


  • 24.08.1972 in Brooklyn, NYC, NY


  • 42 Willow Lane, Encino, LA, CA 92123 (fictional)


Gareth Barry Simpsonite, most commonly know as Gary to his colleagues and family is the main father in the story being JC, the protagonist's father along with his other two children. He is still a bit as life was in America during the 1970's and the 1980's but luckily to his children's rights when it comes to publicity, he doesn't really do it in public, EVER! That is a pity to most embarrassing parents who had their childhood in the 'Saturday Night fever' era.

He is a devoted gym member and wants his kids to toughen up especially JC since in the second book the title is scheduled to be: Diary of  a Kinda Enthusiastic Boy 2: Toughen Up Boy! which practically means that the story is basically trying to depict on the fact that JC doesn't exercise enough. The only reaosn that happens is because his boss at the Gym Centre has three kids the same age as Gary's who are sports CRAZY! When ever they jog home since they don't live far from the gym nor each other they always see the kids outside keeping fit. But when he comes home to his children, he would typically find them doing stuff like using a magnifying glass and the sun to melt one of Bobby's toys annd Bobby would just be standing in his spot and be crying waiting for dad to come back. But when the dad comes back he justs walks back into the house as if he doesn't care about anything that is going on, btw (by the way) - he doesn't.

He isn't exactly the best dad in the world but he has his decent times when he wants somebody to help him and if they do, he has a good way of repaying his children - anyway, here is the story of his life in separate sections. ' '

'Early Life and Education'


'It all started off when he was born in Los Angeles in 1970, he was brought up as a devoted Christian with his parents, Barry Simpsonite and Linda Jones. '

Education at TSODAS

'He started his education off by attending The School of Dignity and Spirituality, TSODAS for short, Pre-School when he was only three years old, just like JC and the other two Simpsonite brothers. He enjoyed the education there and found it so fun that it reveals something later on in his life. He was one of the brightest students in his grade, in the whole school to be honest, so he advanced to Elementary school before all his class colleagues did back then. '

'When he was about eight and was in TSODAS Elementary, he was asked to do an assembly for the school to tell them about life before the American Civil War and what life would be like to be one of the slaves. When he did that he, was called to something else that would be mentioned later on with his so far life. When the assembly was over, it was an eruption of applause since the assembly was so detailed and clear. He was only eight and he was doing an assembly to children between the ages of five and forteen, those were the shaving dummies of the past who are living alone. That just added him to the all time 'TSODAS Hall of Fame' which will pass through so many generations according to himself. '

'When he was in his High school, he had the choice to choose a maximum of nine and a minimum of three subjects to do during the SATS, and since he was very bright, he decided to go for all nine subjects. The subjects that he chose were: '

' '

  • 'Mathematics '
  • 'English '
  • 'Physical Education '
  • 'Religious Education '
  • 'Spanish (Espanol) '
  • 'History '
  • 'Science '
  • 'ICT '
  • 'Biology '

'When he did them and passed them with full marks, he got bullied by all the numskulls who prefer to be known as bullies since they personally thought that he was a geek. SInce that happened, there was something that will also be mentioned later that reflected perfectly on Gary and badly on the bullies. '

''''University Education (Stanford University) ''''

'When he was nineteen, he started his university education and ended his The School of Dignity and Spirituality education. He was at the top of the university entrance list since he was able to do practically everything that was in the exams so he was also soon put in to something that is soon mentioned in the rest of this page.'

Career'''' '

'Politics '

'After he graduated from Stanford and got all seven diplomas which he was aiming for, he went into law and became his local politician. He often receives mail depicting on the fact that he is running Encino perfectly but they want to improve the whole nation's government. He tries as hard as he can to get to the mayor of LA to get to the governor of California, to get to the President but often that doesn't work out very well. '

'He still gets mail after that, but instead they are complaints that are very harsh. Some of the complaints are easily fixed but the rest that are unsolvable just go down the drain so he isn't the best politician in LA. But one day, something amazing happens in his career, whilst Barack Obama is visiting LA and is in the local McDonalds getting a burger to eat since he is rather hungry, Gary happened to be in the same McDonalds. As soon as Gary realises that Barack Obama is right next to him, he started asking questions about politics and how to make Encino a better place. Barack Obama used his intelligience, and realised that Gary himself is a politician so he gave him quite alot of some politician info. Alls well and ends well as they say. '

'Since then, he has been the best politician in LA as he now has a wide knowledge of politics and he actually converted his own house into a miniature White House since he earns quite alot of money and is also quite clever. He did all the converting by himself since he is a man according to himself. '

'Gym Membership '

'He had always been a kinda strong man but quite early in his politics career he stopped working out for his career so he had to start attending the gym on his wife's will so now he has a firmer body, especially his buttocks, but the rest of his body is musclar and he and his wife agreed that he should still go for his body's health. '

'When he started off, evrybody else in the gym he goes to were much more in shape: the men were muscular, and all the women had flat stomachs and that kinda insulted Gary so he decided to add extra hours to his gym membership and less to his politics career. '

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