'Diary of a Kinda Enthusiastic Boy', also known as 'DOAKEB The First', is the first book by Abbas Adejonwo and also the first ever book in the DOAKEB (Diary of a Kinda Enthusiastic Boy) series. Its genre is meant to be realistic fiction but readers might read it as fiction since it has occasional non realistic life in it.

The main character, Junior Connor Theodore 'JC' Simpsonite doesn't really approve of the term 'Diary of a Kinda Enthusiastic Boy' as he prefers the term 'Journal of a Really Enthusiastic Boy', but his mother went shopping and bought it for him without realising that she was told to specifically not to buy one which says 'Diary' on it but then he qouted that she is just a mum.

The title 'Diary of a Kinda Enthusiastic Kid' is mainly an inspiration from the book by Jeff Kiney, 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' since the author read it and enjoyed reading it very much so he, Abbas Adejonwo, aged 10, decided to write the book in honor of the great Jeff Kinney book.

Plot Summary


The plot isn't actually real, but most of it is real information. Read it carefully and realise that the book is not in the summary but is in the actual story section which is the next full section.

How it Starts

It basically starts off with JC introducing himself and his background. It then proceeds to him on his first day in middle school. The main problem with his summer vacation was that he did so much studying, that his whole summer of playing, going to the beach and riding bikes with TJ was halted by the immense amount of studying.

As the first school day begins, TJ, his actual best friend came running to h im shouting: "JC" which was procceeded by excessive hugging.

The Actual Story

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