The characters in the story could be very wacko or very civilized. The main character is Junior-Connor Theodore 'JC' Simpsonite. His middle name, Theodore, hasn't been mentioned in any of his books, but it is exclusize to the internet. Not in the books, but on the websites like this website and its blog. Its blog is DOAKEB Blog

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Abbas Adejonwo Edit

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Abbas Adejonwo is the official owner of the book since he is the author of the book. He is a normal boy who dreams of becoming a football, soccer, player in life. He is a keen supporter of Manchester United even though he lives in North London, which makes people think he should support Arsenal or Tottenham. If he doesn't progress in his sporting career, then his parents want him to be the first black Prime Minister. He is kinda enthusiastic just like JC, so JC and him would get on quite well, and related to that, he is probably going to appear in one of his books.

It might be confirmed that Abbas would guest appear in the next book or maybe in the first book. If you want to put your thoughts on that, you are welcome to on my, or DOAKEB's blog. My blog is: When you have voted, make a blog and make yourself a follower in my blog.

He is currently in Primary, Elementary School, and is preparing for the Secondary, Middle School entrance exams for one of the good North London schools like *Queen Elizabeth Boys School in Barnet or Haberdashers Askes School for boys in Borehamwood*.

JC Simpsonite Edit

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Junior-Connor Theodore Simpsonite is the unofficial owner of the book since he is the co-author of the book in a way since the book states that he wrote the journal therefore making him part of the book crew who made the book and the rest of the series. He is mainly known for being kinda enthusiastic when he feels like it. He is only known as JC since his first two initials are JC, Junior-Connor. His ambition in life is to become a soccer player. He is a keen Los Angeles Galaxy fan even though he wants to play for Manchester United since they are one of the best teams in the world.

JC is known in his school for doing multiples of things so he is gaining popularity with both males and females, which according to him is good in so many ways. He is approaching puberty and hopes to become a muscle man but not too much when his puberty is over. In some of his dreams, which aren't mentioned in any of the books, he dreams about puberty and wonders what kind of acne he will have.

In his first journal, book to fellow readers, he revealed that he can be a bit rusty when it comes to arguments with both girls and boys, since he actually does have a bad conscience when it comes to conflicts which hasn't appeared in any of the books so far but is scheduled to happen in the first or second book.

Brotherly Relationship with Lewth Edit

He doesn't exactly get along with Lewth and they usually have arguments out of the blue, but there is times when they could actually get along for a bit but then it just goes back to normal and they start arguing for a reasonable reason, I guess. Anyway, here is the story of how it all started:

When JC was born, in 1998, he was cuter than Lewth when he was in 1991 born so Lewth felt jealousy immediately and tried so many ways to get rid of him in so many ways that he ended up getting grounded for two months so he couldn't even go next door to hang out with his friend. When JC was 3 and could speak fluently, Lewth informed him on why he had so much hatred for him. JC realised and thought that he must be himself, which is apparently the best person he knows, and went to his parents and told them that they should stop the punishment to Lewth since he really was just holding the jealousy. The parents listened and guess what happened next - Gary and Florence, the parents, went straight to Lewth and right when everybody, except for the parents, thought that the punishment was going to stop, they blamed Lewth for telling JC to go to them and tell them to stop the punishment. That caused the punishment prolonged. That is how there long-lasting feud began and is still going on.

Family Relationship with his Parents Edit

When JC was born, it was like a miracle of something that was meant to be a miracle since they were expecting a girl but wanted a boy so that is kinda like a miracle in my book if you ask me. Anyway, they have had their good times and bad times. It all started like this

When JC was seven, and Bobby was born, his parents were really glad that they had another son so they treated him like a prince.

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